Family Photos
11/85 - 4/19/06

These are the good old days.

April 15, 2013. Our final bye-bye.  

September 2012

Here's a recent photo of me in the apartment with Crazy Sheila and Wally Gator.
Mom woke me from a good nap to take my photo. That's why I was yawning.

Well, this past year has been interesting. I can't say it has all been fun, but I
was challenged and rarely bored. In January we moved to an apartment.
This is not an easy task for a blind dog. I had the whole house memorized,
so I never banged into walls.
Plus, without a back yard, I had to learn to be less shy about doing my "business."
I must be on a leash at all times. Of course, there are a lot of nice dogs here
and I enjoy "seeing" them.
I have learned some new commands - STEP for example is tricky. It could
mean there is a step UP or a step DOWN. So, as Uncle Paul taught me,
I still go to my old vet, which is a joke since she is VERY young. And I still get my
bath's there, when I really need one.
I've also learned a nice way to make little dogs feel safe around me. I lie down
and let them walk over to me. It works.
I still see some of my old friends (again - they are very YOUNG), like Martin.
And it is nice to live in a safer place than Gulfport.  
I have developed a new, deeper interest in napping at the grand old age of
almost 12. I may have picked this up from Mom, but we face every
disaster best AFTER a nice nap.

Here I am with Aunt Joni's beautiful Grandbaby.


September 2011 - just days before my 11th birthday.

I love my birthday.
Last year I chose to go to JoAnn Fabrics. That's my favorite place to shop. All the
employees and customers are nice.

I guess I'm a sewing dog. Oh Mom runs the machine, but she shows me what we make. I like
our stuffed animals, BUT, to have truth in hand-sewing, there aren't any squeakers inside
The teddy bears look cute. I am not fond of the caps and visors we decorate with our sewing
because I have to model them for photos. And if that isn't bad enough, I have to wear a
scarf underneath, so I don't get any dog hair on them. Hello. I am still a dog. I am still
covered with dog hair and even with my thyroid meds and Shed Solution, I still shed.

My favorite restaurant (hey it is a small reward for a lifetime of service to a handicapped
owner!) is Chick-Fil-A. They are closed on my birthday because their owners believe in God
and obey His Ten Commandments. So this is a business I firmly support. I have a gift card
someone gave me and we'll eat there another day.

Back to the big day. No more big birthday bashes, Mom says we can't afford them. But I'm
hoping two special ladies will visit for a couple of biscuits, water and a nap under the fan.
My new girl friend is named Britney. She just moved into the corner house where my
dalmatian friend lived years ago. Britney is one of five big dogs. Every house should have
five big dogs.

January 2011.
Hello to all my fans...

Well, in case you didn't know...I got glaucoma and
I'm blind. It was scary at first and I lost
15 pounds. But, I'm getting used to it and to taking all these meds. The one thing I will never
get used to is eye drops! Mom's been tempting me with great meals and I put 5.9 of the
pounds back on.

I have marked a trail (with toys and biscuits) to get around the house. I know one side of the
yard, I don't know the other side so I don't go there. I do okay when we go out, although I
slammed into an end-of aisle display at Pet Food Warehouse, and a few things at Walmart. I
hit a hollow door - mouth first- at West Coast Brace and Limb. It was embarrassing.
Otherwise I can't complain.

I'm over a hundred years old in people years so I have to accept these little annoyances.
Take care. I'm planning on another great year.

Where have the years gone? We attended a few conferences when we were able.
I took care of Mommy when she was sick, with some help from Aunt Chrissy and
Aunt Joni, who now has a granddaughter named Giana.
Then I got sick. It cost a small fortune to find out why my liver enzymes were so
elevated. Turns out it was only my thyroid. I'm on meds, but I have to improve
my eating habits so my enlarged liver will return to normal size. Don't worry, the
kids at church are praying for me.

The Official Fan Club for Landis Hess

I attended the
FIU Key West Writers Conference!  
Here's a picture of me in class.

My favorite bar was Irish Kevin's on Duval Street.

My favorite writer was Jim Hall because he helped me keep track of Wasserduck,
the stuffed quail I brought to classes with me. You should buy all of his books.

I loved the classes, but I especially liked making all those new friends.
Some of my friends emailed me pictures.

I was so well behaved that Les Standiford said I could come back next year.

Summer Blog
I'm recovering. I can't go to the kennel because I could re-tear my ligament. So
this October, I'm going to the FIU/Key West Writers Conference with Mom. This
will be my first writers conference. :-)

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
I had surgery for a torn ligament in my left knee on Tuesday April 18th. Dr. Tallon had an
orthopedic vet surgeon do the dirty work. I have to have a six-month rehabilitation period where
I must be on my leash at all times when I’m outside. It’s soooo humiliating.
But I’m getting better. I’m taking two meds cipro an antibiotic and rimadyl an anti-inflammatory.
On Wednesday, April 19th my best cat friend, Harry died. He was 21-years old and he was
nice. I miss him.

Hi to all you dog lovers in cyber space...

Wait until I get the groceries inside and I'll tell you what I've been doing.

Okay, now, there was some good Wisconson cheese in one bag. I love cheddar, just like my
in Auburndale. Mom and the cats like Velveeta.

So I have to tell you about the game the paper boy and I are playing.

Usually he tosses the paper outside the fence and I have to go get it.

If I'm in the yard, with the light on, so he can see me,
he beans me right on my head with the

Bringing in the newspaper is one of my jobs, so I don't complain. It's all good. But it'll get
better--after I see the paper boy--alone-- when Mom is in the shower.  :-)

Take care,
As always, Your friend,
Landis Hess

May 1, 2005 I went to the PINAWOR / St Pete Writers Picnic in Taylor Park with Mom. Great
food, especially for those of us tall enough to reach the table. Bad for tiny dogs and baby apes.

Writers are nice people. I made lots of friends.  

Soon you will be able to read about my adventures as a crime solver.
My Dad was a golden retriever and Rotweiler. My mom is pit bull and boxer.

I am very lucky that I had Paul Coughlin of Companion Pet Services to
train me when I was a puppy.
I weigh 95 pounds and I am well-behaved. I'm much cuter than this picture.
Yes, that's my hammock where I do all my crime solving.  
I'm glad Mom went to Publix, I
prefer paper bags. Plastic ones
are bad for our environment, they
break easily and that plastic gets
stuck in my teeth.
Key West, Fl